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Archaeologist and Rock Art Researcher, PhD.

Dr. Aron Mazel is a Reader in Heritage Studies at Newcastle University (UK). Aron’s primary rock art research areas are the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg (South Africa) and Northumberland (UK). In the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg, his current interests revolve around the chronology and distribution of the rock paintings, while in the Northumberland he focuses on the management and public presentation of the rock carvings. Aron is a co-organizer of the British Rock Group (BRAG) annual conferences.

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Archaeologist and Rock Art Researcher, PhD.

Researcher at Durham University. Editor, Rock Articles newsletter. Research interests: British rock art; Cumbrian prehistory; rock art recording and management; public archaeology; heritage management and interpretation.



Archaeologist and Rock Art Researcher, DPhil.

George Nash is an Associate Professor at the Museum of Prehistoric Art, Portugal, and a member of the teaching staff at IPT, Tomar, Portugal (and formally a Research Fellow at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of the University of Bristol, UK). George is also a professional archaeologist who has undertaken extensive fieldwork on prehistoric rock-art and mobility art in Chile, Denmark, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Norway, Sardinia, Spain and Sweden. Professor Nash has also directed a number of high-profile sites, including the excavation of the Neolithic sites La Hougue Bie on Jersey, Delancey Park on Guernsey and preliminary trial excavations at Westminster Hall (Palace of Westminster), London.  Current research is centered around the excavation of a Neolithic chambered tomb in SW Wales - Trellyffaint which has an array of rock art associated with it.  Professor Nash is also engaged with rock art research in the Negev Desert, southern Israel.

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