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Programme 1 - George Nash
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Programme 2 - George Nash
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Programme 3 - George Nash
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Programme 4 - George Nash
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Programme 5 - George Nash
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Over a series of five programmes, archaeologist Dr. George Nash of Bristol University visits five rock art sites in England, Wales, Ireland, Portugal and Italy, to attempt to unravel the real, hidden meaning of rock art. 
Who creates rock art, and why? Can our present day graffiti artists provide some clues?

Join George Nash on for Programme One of The Drawings on the Wall on as he investigates the mysterious Legless Ladies of Creswell Crags.
In Programme Two  George hears of the prehistoric tribal rock carvings under threat of being swamped by the waters of a proposed reservoir in the Coa Valley, Portugal. 
In Programme Three George visits Ireland to see a very early example of graffiti at the Four Knocks Burial Chamber.
Italian archaeologists show George Nash round the biggest rock art area in Europe. There are an astonishing 300,000 prehistoric carvings within commuting distance of Milan. Join them in Programme Four.
And George's travels end at Barclodiady-Gawres Neolithic burial chamber in Anglesey, to see the rock carvings accidentally discovered in 2004 by students - Programme Five.

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