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The 1902 Committee is a non-for-profit organization that is run by people passionate about rock art. Unfortunately, such an organization cannot run on passion alone. If you like what we have done and what we intend to do through our mission statement, please feel free to make a donation. As a matter of transparency, our next major expense will be to internationally copyright our logo and to produce a leaflet for forthcoming conferences. We also want to start producing our newsletter in paper to promote publications exclusively related to rock art.

Why is our work so important?

This website is one of the few sites in the world totally dedicated to rock art. We like to think of this project as a future large database that will serve researchers, amateurs and anyone interested in rock art, for its dissemination and protection. A deposit of information that will always be available to anyone. This is just the beginning. But we have to start somewhere... 


Why do we need donations?

This website is completely free of charge and accessible to anyone. It is a work of rock art experts. We create this website in our free time and with no salary for our work. Only with donations we will be able to maintain the project and evolve. 

Donate and gain

Individual donations are crucial for the fulfilment of our mission. No matter how large or small, your support as a Donor provides the financial foundation to this website. With your donation we will be able to complete the website as much as we can and make it available to all academics and to a large public.

To show you how much we are grateful for your help, every donation of at least 15 € will be given free logo stickers with our logo.


We appreciate your support!

If you like our project and are interested in contributing, help us to continue working by donating to the project and participating in the debate forums, bibliography and the other sections of the website.


Thank you.

The 1902 Committee.

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